5 Ways to Enjoy the Water in Harrison Hot Springs

July 17, 2023

Planning a summer trip? Book your stay at Harrison Beach Hotel in beautiful Harrison, Hot Springs B.C. Harrison is the perfect getaway for any season but is particularly fun in the summertime when there are a variety of different ways to enjoy the water, whether it be in the famous hot springs, or zooming around Harrison Lake on a Sea-Doo


Soak in the Hot Springs

Harrison Hot Springs are a world renowned naturally fed hot spring, famous for having high levels of mineral concentrations that are soothing and boast numerous health benefits. The hot springs have been revered by lo8 degrees C/ 100F for visitors to enjoy. The public pool is a quick 1-2 minute walk from Harrison Beach Hocal Sts’ailes First Nations for thousands of years, and there is a longstanding tradition of the coast Salish first nations people traveling to this “healing place”. The hot water is pumped from the hot spring into the local pool and mixed with cooler water, putting the temperature of the water at approximately 3tel and is the perfect place to enjoy the healing benefits of the Harrison Hot Springs.

Rent a See-Doo

Harrison Hot Springs offers a range of dining options to suit every taste and occasion. Whether you envision an intimate catered meal or a night out on the town, you’ll find the perfect venue to host your gathering. The Sts’sailes Meeting Room is a highly recommended option, providing ample space for your event and the opportunity to enjoy a memorable catered meal. Alternatively, you can explore the local culinary scene and indulge in the diverse flavors offered by Harrison Hot Springs’ excellent restaurants.

Among these establishments, the Blackforest Restaurant stands out, providing a heightened dining experience. With a delectable selection of schnitzel, steaks, pasta, and homemade spaetzle, your family can savor the tastes of both local and international cuisine in an inviting atmosphere.

Where to Stay

Accommodation is key when planning a family reunion, and Harrison Hot Springs offers a range of comfortable and stylish options. The Harrison Beach Hotel features three types of rooms, including Junior SuitesDeluxe Guestrooms and Executive Suites, all providing unique accommodations with stunning views of the Pacific Ridge Mountains and tranquil Harrison Lake. Special group accommodations are also available for those requiring six or more room nights.

Harrison Hot Springs is a destination that captivates visitors in every season. Its natural beauty, fantastic lodging options, and countless memorable experiences will keep your guests talking about your family reunion for years to come. Whether they explore the village, hike the trails, enjoy water activities, or indulge in delicious cuisine, Harrison Hot Springs offers something for everyone. Don’t wait to secure your dates. Contact Harrison Beach Hotel today to learn more about hosting your family reunion and take the first step toward creating an unforgettable experience for your loved ones.