A’hoy Mateys It’s Summer Carnival Time

 In Harrison Beach Hotel Blog

Shiver me timbers, this year’s Summer Carnival is pirate themed so all you peg-legged-scaly waggers come out and help us find our buried treasure.

There will be music and performances by local artists as well as performers who have made quite a long journey to perform at this event. Triumph Acrobatics will not only be doing acrobatic acts but also juggling and tightrope! Rumours are spreading that they may be doing all three at once, we will not know unless we go!

Games are a great opportunity to let your competitive side out in a fun and controlled manner, do your best otherwise you might have to walk the plank. It is always fun to compete against one another, or work with each other. Tug of war is one of those games that can make or break a couple, tugging together can be a fun challenge but step on the other side of that rope and the war is on! Sack races are another one of those games that may have traumatized you from your childhood, when your sibling pushed you over just as you were about to cross the finish line; that hurt, but this is your chance for redemption. Not all of the games at this event are about brawn and the physical challenge–  the ping pong toss, spin to win, and croquet are all games of strategy, luck and patience. Toddlers and young children also have options for different games to play, such as hay stack and the luck pond game. They could also play with the friendly farm animals at the petting zoo.

If your kids are not the competitive type, that is totally fine! We welcome artists that want to create at the crafts stations where they can witness masters at work and learn various skills. You never know, this may spark something that stays with them for life and inspire them to be the greatest wood whittler of our generation. Face painting is also a great way to have fun, show your true colours and perhaps get more into character. Get a scar or eyepatch painted on, do not black out your tooth with that paint!

You will have worked up quite the appetite on this year’s poop deck, and if you do not want to become shark bait than feed the beast. If you are a son of a biscuit eater, then make sure you enjoy the barbecue they will have to offer this year.

Another blast from the past is the 1906 General store museum. Come see what life was like in Kilby way back when! If you would like a token to remember your trip, there will be vendors selling unique souvenirs!

Yo ho ho, Harrison beach hotel is the perfect destination to get ready and dress up in the finest costume that Davy Jones locker or Value Village has to offer. After all the games and face painting it is also a great place to wash up and unwind. The staff are totally understanding and accommodating; some of them may even be dressed up in honour of this annual festival. Book your stay today and make lasting memories this summer in Harrison.