All You Need To Know About Harrison Hot Springs

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Harrison LakeThere is a place of magic and wonder, where you can fall in love with nature all over again. Not only is it naturally breathtaking with its views but the people are so genuine that you think they are actors. Where is the magnificent place? Harrison Hot Springs!

Harrison was first discovered in the 1800’s but it’s history is long and rich. The Native Americans have been inhabiting the land for 100’s of years. Lakotas named their waters “Wakan Tanka” or “Great Mystery,” the Salinan Indians called them “Heaven’s Spot” for their health benefits. The springs are considered a sacred place for many people and many cultures across the globe.

The hot springs, which the town is named after, formed naturally due to local volcanic activity. They are loaded with magnesium, sulfate, iron, chloride, potassium, zinc, calcium and many more minerals. Some of the many health benefits of these springs are that they help you get a good night’s rest, relieve any aches and pains, and can also assist in weight loss. The heat and mineral combination help you sweat, burn calories, and load you with vitamins and minerals.

Nature is at an abundance here in Harrison. There are so many incredible viewpoints of the valley, Harrison lake and surrounding lakes that it’s hard to not see a nice view. Through the mountains there are a plethora of well-maintained trails that are quite popular in the summer so you won’t have to worry if you’re lost, about being alone for too long. If you do plan to go bush-whacking, just pack accordingly.

This summer is going to be packed with events! Canada Day is always a huge hit in Harrison, where people from all over come by to share the festivities with the town. Not only is there a Pet Parade where your furry friend is encouraged to strut any costume you can get them to wear. There is also a main parade which will feature classic cars, boats, decorated pedal bikes and anything unique you can ride… make sure to ask us about our “Sky Box” viewing spot and silent auction event that we are hosting at our Hotel. The whole day is full of different occasions from starting the morning with a hearty pancake breakfast to finishing it with the big bang of fireworks. All of Harrison will be celebrating and cheering on our nation, proudly wearing the flag and drinking maple syrup. You should join in on the festivities.

Just a short 2-hour drive from Vancouver and you will find yourself nestled in Harrison Hot Springs. With natural pools, spas, hikes, lakes and so many fun events this summer. You will not be able to say that you are bored at any moment of your trip and will already be planning your next visit back before you even leave. Come enjoy Harrison Beach Hotel this summer and make it your staple for accommodations every family vacation!

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