For the Food Connoisseur

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If you like to experience a meal with all of your senses and really savour every moment… You might just be a food connoisseur.

In that case, Harrison should be a stop on your list of places to taste. The mom and pop shops that are located here are unlike anywhere else. They have the heart of a small town but the flavour of a big city. It truly is remarkable what kind of recipes some of the restaurants in Harrison have whipped up.


The mood is always right at the Muddy Waters Cafe. Inspired by the band, this is the place to be this summer. It has a great menu and beautiful views, but the atmosphere is what really draws the crowd in. Their live music can be heard from the end of the boardwalk, the blues and jazz features will ignite a bounce to your step as you mosey on in. What’s more, they have fresh ingredients that are farm to table.



Black Forest Steak and Schnitzel House brings the classic German cuisine to Harrison. With over 10 different schnitzel varieties you are sure to find one to satiate your hunger. What’s a German meal without a bratwurst and a beer? Their grilled bratwurst topped with sauerkraut and a side of dijon mustard will bring you back to the days of Frankfurt. If you’ve never been there, at least you’ll have the experience of their authentic Deutsch delicacies.


If you have cold hands and an empty stomach, I know just the spot for you. Pho Ho brings a Vietnamese flair to the Fraser Valley. Voted one of the top Pho restaurants in the Fraser Valley, their soup is a must-try. Even on hot summer days it’s important to consume warm drinks and soup because it helps you sweat, which keeps you cooler. The broth is filled with flavour, and their meat is always just right!



Polar opposite to the pho is cooling down on a hot day with the best gelato around at Chantilly Ice Cream. When you go there you can get ice cream or gelato but one of their best sellers is the ice cream with moulin rouge poached pears! It has just the right balance between sweet and flavour overload! Your taste buds will be at an all time 10 when you experience the combination of pears, orange juice, mulling spices, chianti, brown sugar, ice cream and some good old fashion love. It hits the spot every time.


What do you look for in a restaurant? If it’s atmosphere, authenticity, flavour, presentation or great service; Harrison has something to satisfy all of your needs. The best service in town is at the Harrison Beach Hotel where staff go above and beyond to ensure that you have an amazing experience.

Book your stay today, it’s time to a getaway!