Get Out Into Nature

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“I felt my lungs inflate with the onrush of scenery—air, mountains, trees, people. I thought, ‘This is what it is to be happy.”

—Sylvia Plath, The Bell Jar

There is no greater feeling than being in nature. For some nature is an escape from the hectic life of a busy town or city, for others it’s a place to connect and explore. There are also many health benefits to being out in nature both mentally and physically.

British Columbia truly is one of Mother Nature’s masterpieces. The picturesque mountains surrounding breathtaking bodies of water are a nature lovers happy place. Harrison Hot Springs has so many wonderful outdoor activities making getting out in nature an easy choice for locals and visitors.

For those who love to hike there are a variety of trails to choose from no matter what your skill level is. The lakeside hikes give hikers the opportunity to explore and experience the vast glacier fed lake while taking in the mountainous scenery surrounding it. Other trails will take you through various areas of the rustic paradise.  The trails in Harrison Hot Springs include hikes such as: Spirit Trail, Hicks Lake Loop, Bridle Trail Loop, Miami Bridges and the hike to Campbell Lake aka the Harrison Grind

Perhaps your ideal way to spend time in nature is to be on the water. There are ample ways to get out and enjoy the lake in Harrison Hot Springs.  Stand up paddle boarding has become increasingly popular in Harrison Hot Springs. Taking in the views by canoe or kayak are also great ways to see the sights from the lake.

Cycling in and around Harrison Hot Springs gives cyclists the chance to explore the surrounding farm lands and even take in some of the fun stops from the Circle Farm Tour!  Great news if you are not a fan of uphill climbing on your bike….. Most of the trails are flat!

Harrison Hot Springs is home to the legendary Sasquatch. There are unique tours taking you right into Sasquatch country! Your guides will take your though detailed accounts and explain the best evidence related to the history and very existence of this creature that has captivated so many. The Sasquatch has become a reason people are so fascinated with the great outdoors in Harrison Hot Springs. Come out and hear the tales of this mysterious creature and even hear some of the eye-witness accounts!

Hitting the slopes is very popular among visitors and locals. Hemlock Mountain, now called Sasquatch Mountain Resort, is a quick 35-minute drive from town. This mountain offers something for the whole family. Take in the view from the top of alpine ski hill, or perhaps explore the area while getting a great workout on your cross-country skis. This local ski hill is a playground for outdoor enthusiasts.

One of the most famous reasons people flock to and even move to Harrison Hot Springs are in the name itself…. HOT SPRINGS!!!

The hot springs are world renowned and truly showcase some of mother nature’s top talents! The hot springs were known to the local Sts’ailes First Nations as “The healing place” because the hot mineral waters were a place of healing for them long before the Europeans started to discover them in the 1800’s. The two hot springs are 40 degrees C (120 degrees F) and 62 degrees C (145 degrees F) and are Potash and Sulphur. This mineral water is pumped from springs and cooled off so that the public can enjoy an indoor public hot springs pool at a warm 38 degrees C.

Whatever you reason for getting out into nature you will be glad you chose Harrison Hot Springs as a destination.  With so many ways to take in the outdoors this region of British Columbia no doubt will ignite your passion for nature.