Halloween in Harrison

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Sometimes, it is fun to be something you’re not. Enjoy the fun and excitement as the witches, warlocks, ghosts and ghouls; come out to play. We all should experience the beauty of playing a new character, actors dive in and whole-heartedly embrace a new being within themselves. Why can’t everyone do this at least once a year? Start practicing your lines and get ready to put on a show, but don’t get too “method” if you are in a Vampire costume, okay?

How did this strange holiday get started anyways? Most of us have heard of “the luck of the Irish” and this expression certainly resembles their superstitious side. They are lucky and want to keep it that way. Just over 2,000 years ago the calendar brought summer, the season of life, to winter, the season of death. To honour the beginning of the New Year, on November 1st, they would host a ceremony that would grant them protection from the dark spirits the allegedly could rise from the grave and attack the living. Celts tribes would light massive bon fires and dress up in masks and costumes to confuse the evil spirits and hopefully repel them away from their village. Eventually to counter this slightly negative holiday the pope created a holiday called all Hallow’s Day to honour the saints. Somehow in the mix these traditions were set aside, until the great potato famine that lead to many people from Ireland sailing over to North America. This is when the two holidays got combined into one and is now what we know as Halloween. The true origins of Trick-or-treating are still undetermined, but some believe it’s from a tradition where the poor people of London would knock on your door and pray for your loved ones soul’s in exchange for soul cakes.

Many people stop focusing on the candy and dressing up part of the holiday and more so just want to jump out of their willy’s.
Be prepared to be scared at The Haunting at Bridal Falls, it’s reported that this is the time of year when unidentified flying object sightings are at an all time high! The haunted house is rumoured to have the wreckage still from a UFO crash landing in their roof. If you are ready for the fright of your life that you may need to sleep with a night light on for the next couple weeks then check out this exclusive spooky experience. Not only are their extra terrestrial creatures but they also have teamed up with witches and other night crawlers.
Each year they change the theme of the haunted house and this one is quite an elaborate set up after 20 years of putting on a show every year and collecting artifacts to add to it each annual event.

What about the children? Aside from knocking door-to-door and doing the classic “trick-or-treat” exchange, you should know that there are many fun activities for the kids this Hallow’s Eve. The Bridal Falls horror house is mainly targeted towards scaring the jeepers out of adults after 7pm but between 4-6pm kids can explore the haunted house with the lights on and no jump scares around the corner.

The Agassiz Harrison Lions Club hosts and even on Halloween night that includes a costume contest, games and a prizes. It is a great addition to the night and it is free entrance! Make this event part of your Halloween night tradition for years to come.

Kilby Historic Site is hosting a Kids Halloween Party on October 28th from 11-3pm. It will include a costume contest, scavenger hunt, games and festive crafts. This is located just minutes from Harrison and always is a great venue for all sorts of events.

So whether you believe black cats are witches who shape shift, aliens have landed in Bridal Falls or bonfires and dressing up are the best way to protect yourself from the darkness. One thing we do know is that there are tons of fun events going on this Halloween. Come book your spooktacular stay today at the Harrison Beach Hotel, central to all the fun and excitement.