Hosting a Holiday Party

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Hosting a Holiday Party – Top Tips for the Best Event

Thinking of throwing an event or party? Awesome! Not sure where to start? No worries! As the holiday season rapidly approaches many people are starting to plan (or stress about planning) their holiday party or event. Whether you are a seasoned party planner who thrives on playing hostess, a social butterfly who wants to spread the holiday cheer or someone who just got “voluntold” to host the party, we have tips and tricks to help ensure your event is as joyful as the season!

1) Send out invites with an RSVP – People love to be formally invited to an event, invitations in the mail, Facebook invites and private group emails are just a few examples of how you can invite your guests and make them feel special. Having an RSVP request is also a great way to track how many people are coming so you can plan your menu and activities accordingly.

2) Consider a theme – Depending on your style (winter wonderland, black tie affair, ugly holiday sweater etc.) incorporating a theme can add a really fun touch to your event. Theming a party can help you plan your decor, food and activities. A theme also makes it fun for your guests to plan their clothing and is a surefire way to get some great Facebook and Insta pics!

3) Plan your menu – Once you know the number of guests attending it is easier to determine food choices and how to arrange setup. For larger parties a potluck may be a great option. When it comes to themed events try to include your theme in the food, for example- cookies decorated with ugly sweaters on them.

4) Plan your drink menu – Plan your drinks to match the style of party you are hosting. Creating a signature cocktail is a fun way to include your theme into your drinks. Having a non-boozy backup drink is also a great way to ensure there is a little something for everyone.

5) Decorations – Decorating helps create ambience. Don’t spend too much time here, hints of decorations are a nice touch but it is not necessary to go overboard, plus it’s less cleanup when it’s all over.

6) Clean & put items away – Make sure your house is clean and organized. A messy house is not appealing nor welcoming. Consider putting away breakable items if you are hosting a large party (you would hate to see that precious heirloom smashed)

7) Send out reminders – Life gets busy and people forget. A nice reminder to your guests also shows them how excited you are to spend time with them.

8) Prep ahead of time – The more prep you do in advance of your event the more relaxed you’ll feel when it’s happening. Preparing some of the food the night before or hiring a caterer can be a great time saver!

9) Ask for help – It is ok to ask your friends to bring something, especially if it is a large group. Potlucks are a great way to share the food prep and cost and also takes a lot of pressure off of one person. Most people are usually happy to bring something even if it’s just their own drinks.

10) Keep safety in mind – Ensure your guests have a plan to get home. This can be that they plan to get a cab, crash at your place (if you have offered) or have a DD. You want to make sure your guests all get home safely

11) Be a hostess – You want your guests to feel welcome. Take their coats, show them around, and spend time with them, it shows you care and are glad they came.

12) Have fun! – This is your event, you planned it and put in hard work, make sure you take it all in and enjoy yourself!


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