Hot Springs

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When visiting Harrison one of the best things to do is visit the hot springs, they are what our village is named after. What many visitors do not realize is that there is more than one place to enjoy hot springs in Harrison. Enjoy the controlled temperature at the Hot Springs Pools or venture out a bit into the wild for the natural hot springs that are off the beaten path.

Skookumchuck Hot Springs is within 140km of Harrison Hot Springs, they do charge an admission fee but it is well worth it as you soak away your worries in the mineral rich waters. Skookumchuck Hot Springs are accessible by most vehicles via the well maintained highway.

Sloquet Hot Springs are within 115km of Harrison; however, it is recommended that you have a 4×4 as the road is not regularly maintained. If you decide to visit Sloquet Hot Springs, please be courteous as they are a sacred place for the Xa’xtsa Nation.

August Jacobs Hot Springs is located on Frank Creek; it was lost for many years but was recently discovered by hikers. This spot does not have any soaking pools and truthfully very few people have explored these springs. Many hikers have tried to find this spot and failed. I would not advise exploring here unless you are an experienced hiker; it is very easy to get lost in the trees.

Clear Creek Hot Springs are probably the most well-known of the natural hot springs in the area. The two tubs are man-made but are fed by the naturally flowing waters. Travel to Clear Creek is recommended on a 4×4 as there are many steep hills and loose rocks that would damage a 2-wheel drive vehicle. This is a popular logging road, please be advised that when driving up the loggers have the right of way, please pull over when you see a logging truck.

If you do not want to traverse through the wilderness to get to some hot springs, do not worry the public pools are perfect for you. The water is naturally fed to the pools from the Potash and Sulpher Hot Springs, the temperature is set to a relaxing 38 degrees Celsius. Always consult a doctor before entering Hot Springs as extended exposure to the heat may be dangerous.


Whether you want a place off the beaten path to explore or if you just want to sit in a hot tub and relax your day away, Harrison Hot Springs is the perfect place to do both. When in Harrison why not stay the number one place according to Trip Advisor, Harrison Beach Hotel. Book your stay now!