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At Harrison Beach Hotel we believe a collaborative effort is necessary to ensure continued success in preventing the transmission of COVID-19. We are committed to the safety and well-being of our guests and employees and have worked diligently to meet or exceed all Work Safe BC and Centre for Disease Control protocols. We want to ensure that everyone feels safe when visiting so that you can feel confident that you’ve made the right choice for your vacation destination.


Our Steps to Ensure Your Safety


We are frequently cleaning high-touch areas throughout our Hotel including disinfecting all room keys when returned, as well as all keypads after each use


We complete a full deep-cleaning of each room after each guest has departed using EPA-approved cleaning products


Our team has been provided hand sanitizer and additional cleaning supplies, masks and gloves for the safety of each other and guests


We have adopted no-contact check-in & check-out procedures as well as asking guests to be mindful of others by maintaining a distance of at least 2 metres (6 feet)

Recent Trip Advisor Review

“Girl & Her Dog” Weekend

“My partner and I had planned to have a weekend away with our dog at Harrison. Unfortunately, last-minute he was called away for fieldwork. The dates could not be rearranged on my end, so our dog and I went up to enjoy Harrison together. I am high risk for Covid-19, and my dog is an abused rescue who is anxious about just about everything. The reason we chose hotels over camping is that she refuses to go to the bathroom unless she’s in an enclosed space with a pee pad. I was looking for a very clean hotel, above and beyond, with dog-friendly rooms. Though initially taken aback by the cost of the dog-friendly junior suites at Harrison Beach, I am very glad I went with them.

They were impeccably clean. I always wipe down the high touch surfaces with alcohol wipes on arrival when I stay at a hotel, no matter what cleaning policies they say are in place because you never know. I am used to seeing some grime on the wipes, but there was nothing at the Harrison Beach hotel after spraying & wiping every single high-touch contact surface with rubbing alcohol. I was incredibly impressed. That is a first for me. To make their cleaning easier, the cleaning staff had tightly wrapped the couch/seats/couch pillows with bedsheets to cut down on fur transfer. I love this because I knew that I wasn’t touching somebody’s dry drool patch.

I usually avoid sitting on couches in hotel rooms, but I felt for once really comfortable doing so. My dog was also really excited to be allowed up on the couch, as normally when we visit stranger’s homes she is not allowed to. Even with all of her anxiety, when we got there and sat down, she was napping within 10 minutes, which usually takes 45+ mins in unfamiliar homes.

My dog also really appreciated having the flanking floor-length windows that overlooked the lake and sidewalks. They were about 10″ wide, on either side of the A/C unit, tucked behind a lamp on the one side, under a table on the other. She loves to people-watch. She fell asleep overlooking the world at one point, her bed a few feet away. I liked that they were small though, as when she was just walking around the suite she wasn’t able to easily see out of them from afar. This let her be peaceful. I saw 3 guests the whole time, we came up Thursday morning and left Friday, trying to avoid the pre-holiday crowds. Because of this, it was very quiet. The staff were fantastic. At one point Friday morning, a very tired me used up all the caffeinated coffee pods, and I called down for more. Six were dropped off at my door in a plastic baggie within 5 minutes, much quicker than I thought would happen.

When I needed directions to the nearest dog-friendly Beach (because all beaches in front of Harrison are on-leash on the sidewalk only apparently), the new girl at the front desk called Tourism for me and pointed me in the direction of Randell Park (far right of Harrison, near the small boat launch, not Killer Cove). We walked, and on a cool or overcast day that would have been fine, but in 24*C heat with no breeze or large shady trees, next time I’ll drive and pay the parking fee haha. When we got there, no one was off-leash because little kids were in the water, which was fine by me as we swim with a floating long line (BTW out-of-towners, the lake is very very cold. My girl refused to go deeper than her belly, and testing it myself, I didn’t blame her!).

The hotel itself was very clean. There were hand sanitizer dispensers mounted at the elevators to use before and after you rode it. The bed was surprisingly comfortable. The linens and towels (though I didn’t use them, I brought my own towels and bedding) looked nice. I was impressed that the duvet wasn’t inside a duvet cover, but more accurately was under a decorative duvet sheet (implying it would get cleaned more). The linens all looked new in how clean and unpilled they were. The room was in good repair. The A/C worked well and wasn’t super loud. Most of the lights were a charming soft white (the 3 that were a glaring LED brought white to cause headaches- I left those off lol). Most of the time it was so sunny, I only needed lights in the bathroom.

Overall I was very impressed by the hotel. What would I change? Very little. In normal times they would have done a great job, but with Covid-19… I was shocked they still had washable cutlery/cups and, especially, a used sponge under the sink to do dishes with. I had brought my own coffee mug/water bottles and had sanitized the inside of the Keurig with a rubbing alcohol spray followed by boiling water to rinse. Where I’m from, the smarter restaurants are using recyclable/compostable single-use options at this time. I would have expected the same from hotels. But at the very least, dump the sponge. And for dog people – a wooden fence enclosed area for puppies to do their business off-leash without visual distraction. But as I doubt dog people are huge clientele, I don’t expect this to come to fruition. However, I was also surprised that there wasn’t an automatic door for those in wheelchairs (after that long haul up the wheelchair access ramp), and without, surprised there was no sanitizer dispense at the door entrance for opening the door.

There was sanitizer at the elevators, and I carry rubbing alcohol in a sprayer with me in my purse, but on my own, wrangling a dog, a trolley overflowing with my overnight bag, my bedding, her 36″ wide bed, her life jacket, her auto pill feeder, her meds case, her first aide kit (she has so much stuff!)… It was a challenge. She’s just one quiet special needs dog, I can only imagine a single mum with a stroller and another child crying in tow, and all their stuff. The last thing she would want is to let go her crying child’s hand to open an unsanitized door, then quickly grab the crying child’s hand again before she runs away to whatever she spotted on the way in that they want to see what’s causing the crying. But that is it. And those are very small, and fixable. Dump the sponge, get another sanitizer dispenser for the outside of the front door.

I’m very hard to please when it comes to hotels (my partner will roll his eyes and laugh when he reads this, something about understatement of the year), and these guys did an excellent job. I felt safe with how clean my room was. They were helpful. It was comfortable. So glad I bought the snack bag add on. And the view! The lake view pet-friendly Junior suite was definitely worth the ~$50 price difference to the mountain view suite. I’ll definitely be back. Thank you, Harrison Beach!” – J R

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What You Can Expect

Cleaning Protocols

  • Regularly sanitizing of the front desk, public areas, coffee machines, door knobs, furniture and other high-touch points
  • Disinfecting all room keys when returned, as well as all keypads after each use
  • A full deep-cleaning of each suite and it’s contents after each guest has departed using EPA-approved cleaning products
  • Steam cleaning of all upholstered surfaces
  • Professionally laundered and sterilized sheets, towels, etc.
  • Providing team with additional cleaning supplies and personal protective equipment
  • Hand sanitizer, tissues and wastebaskets available for all resort & hotel guests
  • Allowing suites to remain vacant for at least 3 hours before entering to clean and sanitize

Guest Awareness

  • Be mindful of others by maintaining a distance of at least 2 metres (6 feet)
  • Follow contactless check-in and check-out procedures
  • If you become ill and have recently visited us please contact us as soon as practical so appropriate measures can be taken to protect others
  • If you do not feel well and are experiencing symptoms of illness (fever, trouble breathing, coughing, sore throat, fatigue) please postpone your visit until you are well
  • Work Safe BC has asked that all guests place their dirty linens & towels into provided sanitized laundry bags prior to checking out

We must keep in mind that summer vacations and travel will be different this year. We are not leaving COVID-19 behind, and we need to continue to do our part to protect the progress we’ve made. We want to thank our guests for adhering to the health and safety protocols in place. Harrison Hot Springs is a hidden jewel providing a number of ‘off the beaten path’ activities. Whether you’re looking for an adventure with the family, a romantic getaway or a fun-filled trip with a small group of friends, Harrison Beach Hotel offers a clean and safe place to stay. Book your stay today!