Miami Bridges

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If you are feeling in the mood for a short leisurely stroll, then come on down to the Harrison Village and explore Miami Bridges. It may only be a 15-20 minute walk but don’t be fooled, there is quite a lot of beauty to take in.

You will find yourself in a tiny old growth forest which is a nice green, quiet space. This gravel trail leads you to a mystical wooden pathway, stairs and bridges. There is a grate on the wood for grip in slippery situations, so it is safe to take a stroll before after or during little sprits of rain.

Not many plants are more resilient or versatile than moss; it is the first building block of the forest. Moss is the foundation and the first thing to start the growth of the grand forests we walk in today. Seeing the moss that surrounds the boreal forest floor is so tempting to take of your shoes and squish your toes between the moist soft leaves.

This is primarily a cedar forest but it also has large leaf Maple trees, Black Cottonwood, Western Hemlock, Douglas Fir, and Red Cedar. Teach your kids which are the best for building, or how cedar makes great kindling and which has the best tasting syrup, I think that one is an obvious answer. These are survival skills your kids can use for a lifetime.

The Miami River is connected to Harrison Lake through the flood gate. This area attracts many ducks and Canadian Geese. Many of them migrate south for the winter but there are a few residential birds that stick around all year round.

The trail may be short but it’s close to everything in the heart of Harrison. It is under 500 meters and a great opportunity to catch a breath of fresh air. Once you reach the end you have a choice of turning right to the village or if you go left, you will reach the source of the hot springs.

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