Oh Canada!

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What a wonderful land we are blessed to call home.  Even if this isn’t your “home and native land” we highly recommend coming by and celebrating Canada for the day! Harrison always is a great host for one of the biggest events of the year!

Let us begin with a pancake breakfast, a fun and nutritious (sort of) way to start the day for the whole family. It is generously priced at only $5 for adults and $2.50 for children. Maple syrup is probably the most Canadian thing you can consume and everyone knows a heaping plate of hot cakes is not complete without being smothered with that sweet syrup. This is open from 8:30am until 10:30am so make sure you are up and ready in time to enjoy a plate full of flap jacks.

The first event is an adorable must see: the pet parade! Yes that is right; hundreds of our four legged friends will proudly march through the village. Will Clifford the big red dog make an appearance? How about Curious George the monkey? Just how creative will people get? Hopefully someone gets inspired by Dr. Seuss and introduces us to a real life Lorax or Cat in a Hat! These references are alluding to this year’s theme for the parade, which is storybook characters. They don’t just have to be characters that are initially based from animals, turn your pup into a prince or princess as well! Participants get judged on a few different categories.
The more creative the better!

Come one, come all the parade is calling!

If you are musically inclined, are a member of a band or are friends with a marching band bring them out. Show off your musical talents, or volunteer your friend to show off theirs! Take on a group project and decorate a float, with as many leaves, red, white and Canadian innuendos that you can think of. You could even decorate your pedal bike like you did back in elementary school when you would put as much red ribbons and streamers on as possible. Polish up your beautiful classic car or ride along in your friend’s, some things are not meant to be kept in storage. Much like your old Halloween costumes, which you could slightly alter to be suitable for the parade, time to take that Poison Ivy costume you wore a decade ago out of hibernation.

Not a fan of the spotlight? Most of us get a little nervous about the idea of hundreds, if not thousands of people staring at us in a parade. That is totally fine. Just enjoy the parade as a spectator!

Sit back with your friends and family if you do not have a furry friend to show off for the day at the pet parade. Find a good spot by the start point to watch the main parade, sitting at the beginning of the parade typically means more free goodies, like candies.

There will be entertainment like lives bands, dancers and other exciting acts until the light parade, followed by the grand finale, FIREWORKS!

The best way to end the evening is watching the beautiful fireworks light up the sky. After a long day you are going to want to have a good night’s rest at the Harrison Beach Hotel, which is (conveniently) just steps away from where the festivities are taking place, book your stay today.