Fall Paddleboarding Adventures!

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What’s SUP?

Some people say that SUP stands for “Stimulate your senses, Unleash your passion and Preserve your health”. Most know that it is an acronym for Stand Up Paddle board.

Both are very true when trying to define this immensely therapeutic exercise.

Every day is full of possibilities and you allow yourself to fully embrace them when you challenge yourself. Stand up paddle boarding is one of the fastest growing sports in the world. Most likely because the only initial fee is buying a board, you don’t have to pay for gas or much gear and it is an extremely liberating use of your time. More people every day are doing this, so it gives you a great opportunity to meet new people with the same interests and gain some SUP friends.

Yes the summer has ended and we are amongst the brisk fall breeze and colourful crunchy ground leaves. This means your should squeeze into that wetsuit and take your paddle board out for a few more spins around the lake!

If you do not own a board then there are many different places in the area where you can rent one. Aside from the obvious Harrison Lake, a great spot for beginners is Hicks Lake. You can rent a board for however many hours your arms and core can handle pumping through that workout. The resistance of the water can help you gain muscles in a full body workout that you expect to get a gym but never quite reach. This sport even has races on a competitive level, so get out with a few friends, race them and see if it is something that you want to really commit to in the spring.

Up for an even greater challenge? If stand up paddle boarding is not enough for you than take it to the next level. Many people who SUP also do yoga and try to combine the two together. There are a large variety of different positions you can try to do on the paddle board. This is especially challenging because keeping steady, while balancing through the rocking motion of the water is the ultimate core workout. May the last of your outdoor workouts be fun and full of beautiful views!

If you aren’t training for a yoga retreat or looking to earn some serious lean muscles. Just take the time to float atop your happy place. It doesn’t need to be all about an intense workout, simply enjoy the serenity of connecting with the wind and the water. Remember Namaste and life is an echo, what you send out always comes back. Let your stresses melt away as you rock back and forth feeling your worries melt beneath you.

Walk on water one more time this season. Harrison Beach Hotel is just a few steps away from the water, you can hop on your board from the beach or dock and let your worries just float away. Book your stay today.