Pet-Friendly in Harrison Hot Springs

April 11, 2022

Are you dreaming of your next getaway? With endless opportunities for outdoor adventure and many pet-friendly spaces, Harrison Hot Springs is the perfect place to travel with your canine friends. Here are some of our favourite pooch-approved activities!


Take Your Pup For a Hike

Enjoy some incredible scenery as you explore the endless trails and parks in the Fraser Valley. If you’re looking for a pooch-friendly trail, look no further than Spirit Trail. What makes this trail so unique are the dozens of sculpted clay masks that adorn the trees along the trail.


Enjoy An Afternoon at The Dog Park

Head to Centennial Dog Park; your dog will love bounding around with other dogs in this fenced-in area, located just metres away from the Community Trail System. After the dog park fun, leash up and head out for a longer walk

Image Courtesy of Tourism Harrison
Image Courtesy of Tourism Harrison

Walk Along the Promenade

Leash up and head out on this leisurely walk with panoramic views of the beautiful surrounding mountains and village! The wheelchair and stroller-friendly gravel path leads you around the lagoon and alongside Harrison Lake, past shops and restaurants, and out to the hot springs source.

Pet-Friendly in Harrison Hot Springs

Grab a Bite at Taco Rio

Taco Rio uses fresh, local ingredients to offer the best in Mexican cuisine with West Coast influences. And the best part, the patio is pup-friendly

Image Courtesy of Taco Rio
Image Courtesy of Taco Rio


Up-To-Date Identification

No matter how careful you are, pets can escape and get lost in unfamiliar locations. That’s why you should ensure that your pet has an updated I.D. tag on his or her collar that includes your cell number. If your pet dashes without its collar, a microchip provides a backup so that veterinary clinics, shelters, and animal control centers can scan your pet and find out how to reach you.


It’s always best to have your pet in a well-ventilated carrier. It should have enough room to allow your pet to stand, turn around and lay down, and remember to always provide fresh water.

Comforts of Home

Pets can get a little freaked out by the sudden change of their surroundings. Help to minimize the disruption by maintaining some level of familiarity by bringing some of your pet’s usual toys, food and bedding.



At Harrison Beach Hotel, we offer a couple of pet-friendly suites so that you can enjoy a much-needed getaway with your entire family. Please note that guests who do not request a pet-friendly suite upon booking cannot be guaranteed that one will be available upon arrival. Contact us directly to reserve your pet-friendly stay.