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When people think of being a foodie they often think of bright lights and big cities. They see the large metropolitan areas as breeding grounds for the best of the best when it comes to food. Although in the city there may be a greater number of restaurants to choose from with perhaps slightly more ethnic diversity, you don’t always have to be in the hustle and bustle of a city to experience world class food.

The small-town foodie scene is often overlooked but these diamonds in the rough do exist and offer some of the finest culinary creations. Harrison Hot Springs is a perfect example of a great foodie destination waiting for you to come sample its greatness.

Harrison Hot Springs, located a little over an hour outside Vancouver is a hidden gem and small-town foodie paradise. When it comes to delightful dishes the talented chefs located in this lakeside community give even the top city chefs strong competition.

Why not start your day with the perfect cup of java from one of Harrison Hot Springs cafes or coffee shops? From a simple black coffee to an almond milk, skinny, vanilla latte, the friendly staff in these cafes will ensure your cuppa joe is pure perfection.

Whether you’re feeling peckish or ravenously hungry, mealtimes in Harrison Hot Springs will ensure you’re full and raving about your meal. Lunch time? Sit down? Grab and go? It’s all here! You may have a tough time deciding from the great choices this great town offers but what a delightful problem to have!

Perhaps you are seeking something for your sweet tooth, there are one of kind bakeries and cafes with a little something for everyone.
If pub food is your preference you’re in luck! Harrison Hot Springs has some fun pubs where you can enjoy great food in laid-back local setting and if you’re lucky you may on occasion catch some live music while you dine!

Enjoying a meal as a family in Harrison Hot Springs can be a mouthwatering experience for every family member. With family friendly restaurants offering lots of food choices, even the pickiest of eaters will find happiness and perhaps even culinary bliss!

Setting the scene for your meal is an important part of the experience. Many people enjoy sipping a glass of wine while overlooking the lake, others prefer a quiet table in a trendy lounge, some a view of the prestigious golf course they just played. There is no shortage of perfect ambiance in Harrison Hot Springs.

Looking for great service? The people of Harrison Hot Springs take pride in serving the finest food to their guests, making people feel welcome and creating memories that keep people full, smiling and coming back time and again.

You don’t need to have a transit pass or deal with mayhem traffic to experience authentic international cuisine. Harrison Hot Springs boasts several great restaurants known for their culinary masterpieces and chef inspired ethnic menus. When it comes to international food Harrison Hot Springs is no stranger to offering dishes from around the world.

If you are looking for specialty dining we have just the place for you. Of course we highly recommend our neighbour Morgan’s Bistro conveniently located in our Hotel. Morgan’s Bistro offers uniquely crafted entrees with a west coast flare. Offering delicious daily specials guests can savor their legendary meal while overlooking a beautiful lakeside view. This gem has so many tasty options to choose from and has earned its reputation as one of Harrison Hot Springs top picks for fine dining and excellent service!

If you are planning a getaway, this quaint town will please just about every pallet! Harrison Hot Springs is the perfect destination to recharge your batteries and fill your tummy! Come awaken your inner foodie ….. oh, and make sure to come hungry!

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