Snowshoeing around Harrison

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Are you up for an adventure? Have you been cooped up in your house for the past couple of weeks trying to avoid the rain?

Well, when the snow is upon us, lets get out and enjoy some of mother natures frozen precipitation and strap on the right footwear to experience it’s full potential. Gum boots will have your toes freezing in no time and regular winter boots are a sure way to get stuck deep in the soft snow. Snowshoes are the best invention for exploring a vast fluffy white land.

Where did snowshoes come from?

There is speculation on where the concept originated from. Some say central Europe or central Asia. Over the years there has even quite a lot of change in the style and design of these handy shoes. Some of the earliest snowshoes stretched as long as 7 feet and although they were difficult to walk in, it still was nearly impossible to get caught in the snow. Eventually, people started experimenting by making them shorter and wider. Each different design was inspired by animal paw prints. The popular design “Beaver tail” was round on the front and came together in a long tail. The other “Bear paw” style was short and round much like the animal it is emulated after.
Both of these designs helped contribute to what we see with regular modern snowshoes.

Modern snowshoes can be used for long walks in the snow to explore for the purest reason of enjoying nature. Or you can train to participate in the Arctic Winter Games, which by no surprise Canada has won more times than any other participating country. Specifically the Yukon is the territory that has been pulling most of the weight, with Nunavut in a close second for the amount of wins. We may have a bit of an unfair advantage because we also are the country who has hosted it far more times than any leading country.

Come visit us Harrison to get your practice on at nearby Hemlock mountain, now renamed Sasquatch Mountain Resort, which has a abundance of loops that are perfect for snowshoeing.

There is only one place to stay when visiting Harrison Hot Springs and that’s Harrison Beach Hotel. It is in the heart of the town and moments away from adventure. Book your snowshowing getaway today!