Spend Your Vacation on the Lake!

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When the summer sun is shining down the best way to celebrate is by visiting the lake.

Just north of Harrison Hot Springs is Sasquatch Provincial Park this is home to Hicks Lake, Deer Lake, and Trout Lake. The great thing about this Provincial Park is that there are many different options for lakes, trails and viewpoints. It is easy to access most areas here because the road is very well maintained. Many dirt roads are difficult to conquer with a little car that does not have 4×4 capabilities; but, this backroad is smooth sailing for any vehicle and it is sprayed so you are not stuck behind a cloud of dust from the car in front of you.

Hicks Lake is a great little getaway for those who love adventure but are not a fan of all those loud boat engines. They have a limit for this lake to only 10 stroke engines; this helps to preserve the lake’s natural beauty, reduces the risk of oil leaking in and allows visitors to enjoy the majestic sounds the lake brings.

There is this sweet little rental shop right by the parking lot. If you are up for paddle boarding, kayaking or canoeing; they always have something in store. Once you get out onto the lake you can look down and see so deep into the water, it is beautiful seeing such a pristinely kept lake. You could race your friends or enjoy a relaxing trip over to the little island in the middle of the lake. The side closest to the boat rental is the best to dock because you can just pull your equipment onto the sand bar. There is a little bit of a hike over a hill onto the other side which beholds a beautiful view of the nearby mountains. You can choose to go back to land and walk over to your boats/boards, or better yet… Swim back! The water is clean and refreshing, it is easy to walk around the island on the rocks but swimming is always a fun and refreshing way to mix up the exercise.


Deer Lake is more boat friendly for those fishermen who want to start an early morning troll, whereas Trout Lake has a no motor restriction. It is quite difficult to access the lake so fishing is great because not many people want to lug their equipment that far down a slightly overgrown trail. It is so peaceful at this lake, no boats; very few people come by and visit. Just you and your fishing rod. You can choose to cast off the lake shore, off a dock or if you are feeling up to it, bring an inner tube and fish off that so you can get right in the centre of the action.

Please note that the Beaver Pond Trail is temporarily closed as of July 11th and will reopen at a later date. The park closes this area off every year to accommodate the Western Toad migration. This species of toad is not endangered and the park plans to keep it that way. Another reason why the park probably closes off this area is because these toads excrete bufotoxin when they feel threatened, which can be harmful for dogs and humans. One toad could probably not do too much damage but during the migration there will be hundreds or even thousands of these leaping amphibians who seem to enjoy their privacy.

Well now that we have learned a bit about the unique local wildlife and cool secluded lakes to visit why not talk about the real question here… Where is the best place to stay? Harrison Beach Hotel is located on the main strip of Harrison, just a few steps away from the beach, and restaurants. If you are feeling like getting a little isolation on this vacation Sasquatch Provincial Park is only a 13 minute drive down the road. Book your stay today!