Spring is ALMOST Here!

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Spring is around the corner and we all know what that means… It’s time to shake ourselves out of that state of hibernation and smell the fresh country air!

Now that the snow is starting to melt away we have to work off that festive winter body and comfortably wear 1 less layer of clothing. Why not go for a hike along the many beautiful trails Harrison has to offer? You could start off with a nice leisurely stroll along the Miami Bridges walk and then work your way up to the gravel and dirt trails that have been carved into the mountains over the generations.

It is time to get outdoors any way we can, if we aren’t feeling up for the hikes just yet, let’s dive deep into the mountains and explore with Sasquatch Country Adventures. You go out on a 6 passenger Polaris Ranger Crew UTV which is a safe smooth ride that can conquer any terrain. This tour is great for all ages! You get the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful sights of the Harrison Lake, streams flowing with fish jumping and if you are lucky you may just spot the beast. We all know legends state that in the woods there lives a creature who stands about 6-7 foot tall, covered in hair and massive feet. Some call him big foot, around these parts they call him the Sasquatch. The guides will take you through his territory and show you the best evidence they have stumbled upon that pertains to the existence of this mysterious creature. This tour is sure to be memorable for all who are involved.

Experience history first hand this next getaway at Harrison. The history of the 1920’s has been preserved and shared at the Kilby Historic Site. A guide is dressed in traditional clothing and explains various artifacts as they take you on a tour through the museum. If jumping back in time isn’t interesting enough for your children, they typically love the interactions with the animals on the farm! Keep an eye out for Pumbaa, he’s a real character.

Ranger Station Art Gallery

Ranger Station Art Gallery

Ranger Station Art Gallery always has exhibits on display for both local and international artists. It is a great place to enjoy the sound of silence as you walk through taking in the depth and detail of each piece. If you want to learn more about how to create a piece for yourself, keep an eye out on their website for workshops. Their last was an oil painting workshop with Angela Burdon and best of all, it was free!

A trip to Harrison would not be complete without experiencing the hot springs pools. All over the world people have been submerging themselves in mother natures hot tubs since they were first discovered. These mineral rich baths are loaded with tons of sulphur, magnesium and other nutrients that our bodies crave and thrive on. Your skin will feel silky smooth and so nice once you get out that you will want to hop right back in. It’s time to treat yourself!

The only place that has all of of these amazing things to experience is Harrison. The best place to stay on your visit is Harrison Beach Hotel, located in the heart of the town. It is just a moments walk to the lake, beach, restaurants, pools, and more. Book your stay today!