The Beauty of Nature

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“British Columbia’s untamed nature speaks to the soul. The vast landscape inspires introspective personal journeys and unbridled adventures. Our people connect explorers with unexpected moments that renew the human spirit.” – Destination BC

For some nature is an escape for the hectic life of a busy town or city, for others, it’s a place to connect and explore. With picturesque mountains surrounded by breathtaking bodies of water,  Harrison Hot Springs offers many wonderful outdoor activities for locals and visitors, alike.


Translated from the Japanese term, shinrin-yoku, forest bathing is also known as forest therapy. It is not exercise, or hiking, or meditating. It is simply being in nature, connecting with it through our senses. The calming benefits of spending time in nature are well documented. A blog by the David Suzuki Foundation summed up the benefits, which include decreased anxiety, and increased memory performance.


Experience the boundless panoramas, river valleys, lush forests and glacial peaks that Harrison Hot Springs has to offer. Just minutes from many provincial and regional parks, this area hosts a maze of hiking possibilities. Whether you are looking for an easy family-friendly hike or a challenging adventure to seek out panoramic vistas, there are a variety of trails to choose from. The trails in Harrison Hot Springs include hikes such as Spirit Trail, Hicks Lake Loop, Bridle Trail Loop, Miami Bridges and the hike to Campbell Lake (also known as the Harrison Grind).


The home of the Harrison Sasquatch and location of some sightings are the caves of Mystery Valley, on the west side of Harrison Lake. If you are brave enough to seek out the local Sasquatch on your own, make your way down to the Sasquatch Trail – (Although, we have heard rumours that it has made it’s way into town for a quiet, no human, vacation right in Harrison Hot Springs.)

With so many ways to take in the outdoors, this region of British Columbia, no doubt, will ignite your passion for nature.

Please note, we aren’t encouraging travel at this time; however, we will continue to post blogs and content across our social media channels to provide a virtual travel experience. We look forward to welcoming all visitors to Harrison Hot Springs when the time is right.