The Legend of Sasquatch, Folklore and More

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Many people have always had a fascination with the legend and mystery of the Sasquatch.

Described as a bi-pedal mammal of exceptional size, covered in hair from head to toe. The Harrison-Chehalis region is home to the Sts’ailes First Nation, whose experiences with the creature go back thousands of years. The term Sasquatch is thought to be a mispronunciation of the Sta’ailes word for ‘Sasq’ets’, which is used to describe the figure as a caretaker who watches over the land. The Sta’ailes believe that the Sasquatch is a spiritual being that can vanish at will – which can explain why there are such limited sightings. On the west side of Harrison Lake are the Mystery Valley caves. Local folklore says that the Sasquatch hold a reunion every four years, beginning the night of the full moon in July.

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Many Sasquatch sightings have taken place in an around Harrison Hot Springs making it a mecca for Sasquatch researchers including local researcher and author, John Green. Mr. Green was one of the first to the elusive beast, traveling all over the West Coast collecting scientific evidence that supports its existence.

The Visitor Centre, located on 499 Hot Springs Road, is must-see when visiting the Village. Located inside is the Sasquatch Museum. You will find articles about the Sta’ailes First Nations rich history, maps and descriptions of local sightings – even footprint casts of Sasquatch! The Visitor Centre also carries a number of themed merchandise, that make the perfect souvenirs.

If you want to attempt to discover the Sasquatch, you can book your unique outing with Sasquatch Country Adventures. April through October, local experts will take you on a tour through forest service roads about Harrison Lake in utility vehicle while teaching you everything you wanted to know about Sasquatch. If you want to discover the local Sasquatch on your own, make your way down the Sasquatch Trail.

Visit Harrison Hot Springs and decide for yourself whether you think the Sasquatch is myth or reality. Book your stay at Harrison Beach Hotel today!