Top 10 Harrison Hot Springs Winter Activities

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When winter rolls around in Harrison Hot Springs, it brings with it many great activities for the whole family. For the outdoor enthusiasts, Harrison Hot Springs is a picturesque playground. For those who may be more of an indoor cat, there are tons of fun pastimes for you as well!  We’ve compiled a list of our favourite winter activities in Harrison Hot Springs and narrowed it down to 10. Come on out and try one, heck… try ‘em all!

  1. Unwind and relax in the Hot Springs mineral pools. – When that temperature drops there is no better feeling than warming up in the natural hot springs. What a great way to cap off a morning outside or even spend the day relaxing. These pools are a must do any time of year but especially in the winter.
  2. Hit the slopes! – Sasquatch Mountain (formerly Hemlock) is a short drive outside of Harrison and offers great skiing, snowboarding and even tubing. This popular resort has runs for every skill level.
  3. Participate in the local Circle Farm Tour– Although it is a year-round activity, there is something magical about the Circle Farm Tour in the winter. Visiting the local farms and markets decorated for the holidays or lightly dusted with snow is a fairy tale way to spend a winter day or even days!
  4. Practice your photography skills! – Some may say Harrison Hot Springs in the winter would make the perfect setting for a holiday movie so why not get out and explore this beautiful area.  Take your camera or even your phone and start your own winter album! Don’t forgot to showcase your talents on Facebook and Instagram!
  5. Pamper yourself at the spa– Relax and rejuvenate your mind and body with a day at the spa. The luxurious spa treatment offerings will have you relaxed from head to toe! Come for an hour or come for a day, a little bit self-care is always a great idea!
  6. Take a hike! – Or a walk or a stroll. Crisp air and mountainous scenery? Yes please! There are many scenic trails in Harrison Hot Springs to get out and explore.  If you’re seeking a leisurely stroll through town, a brisk lakeside walk, or a hike to get your heart pumping, Harrison Hot Springs has it all.
  7. Get in touch with your inner Foodie– Harrison Hot Springs is home to some fabulous dining options. It is easy to please your pallet with the wide range of delicious food and beverage choices! International Options? Of Course! Pub Fare? Absolutely! West Coast Wonderful? Without a doubt!  No matter what you’re craving we’ve got you covered! If you have love of fine dining we highly recommend Morgan’s Bistro!
  8. Get crafty– It is easy to get inspired when you are surrounded by the beauty of nature. Check out Pinterest, grab your supplies and start that project! Don’t forget to share your talents with us on social media!
  9. Retail Therapy! – What better what to escape the cold than to treat yourself to a little retail therapy. The unique shops in Harrison Hot Springs offer one of a kind of a kind shopping. Whether you’re on the hunt for home décor, the perfect outfit or just browsing, you’re sure to find some hidden gems in Harrison Hot Springs.
  10. Become a History Buff! – Harrison Hot Springs has some fascinating history. Learn about the history of the Hot Springs themselves and the healing power for First Nations or take in the eye witness accounts of the mystical Sasquatch creature.   Come explore and uncover the rich history of this town.