Winter Fun!

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If you are looking for fantastic family fun this winter, Harrison is the place to be!

Get those board and blades waxed because this is the time to take them to the slopes. Whether you are new or advanced there is a run suited for your needs at Sasquatch Mountain (under an hours drive from Harrison). They also have lessons available for those looking to learn or enhance their skills this winter.

There is nothing nicer than strapping into that board, hoping on the ski lift for the first run of the day, soaking up the views from the lift. You can see the whole Fraser Valley and beyond from the summit of Sasquatch Mountain. Watching the sunrise and explosion of colour from the lift is surely the best way to start your day. Hopefully you are awake enough to not wobble or fall when you first get off the lift, rookie mistake, but even the pros get caught falling there in the morning.

Buckle up and soar. There are only certain instances in life when a person can feel the freedom of flying. Skydiving is one of them, but this definitely isn’t the season for that, there are also indoor parks that can simulate the feeling as well. But by far the closest you can get to experiencing flying, while you are still touching the ground, is when you zoom down a mountain. Be it ski or snowboard, when you carve through the snow, like its butter and feel the wind rushing through you. This is the sport that is the closest feeling to free falling, sometimes you hit a jump and truly do get to feel it!

If you have little ones who are not quote ready to hop on a board and ride down the bunny hill then we have the perfect suggestion for you. The Yeti Tube Park is open for the season and will have you feeling like a kid again.

Did you ever grab your garbage can lid and slide down your backyard or a nearby park? Eventually we upgraded to a real sled. When our parents would let us play unsupervised in the back yard we wanted to get more extreme so we decided to sled off the roof. No one was injured thankfully. Gladly no one will have to worry about any crazy backyard shenanigans on this mountain. The tube park is all set up for all kinds of thrill seekers. Giggle along with your partner and kids, race each other down. Just do not forget one thing… Have fun!

Fun for all to be had at Harrison this winter season, keep an eye out for the snow report as conditions are always changing. The mountains have been great lately and just waiting for you to leave your mark!

Warm up, settle down and relax at Harrison Beach Hotel where you can soak in the hot tub after a long day on the powder. Book your stay today! 

(Photos Courtesy of Sasquatch Mountain)