Hiking Activities Itinerary


One of the best parts of being in Harrison Hot Springs is that we are in a beautiful place full of mountains with thousands of trails to explore. There’s not enough time to see all of the amazing hikes in Harrison, below are some local favourites that will give you a taste of Harrison.

The Harrison Grind is probably the most well-known hike in the area; it is rated difficult so make sure your whole group is prepared for the trek. This hike is great for those travellers wanting to see Harrison because it shows a bit of everything; from rocky mountain land to tree-surrounded forest views, this 10-kilometre hike has it all.

For serious hikers there is the Bear Mountain Hike, this 18-kilometre hike is rated difficult, and there is good reason for it. Along the way you will pass many small waterfalls and the view of the Fraser Valley from the top will make all of your work well worth it.

Moderate hikers will be able to enjoy the Spirit Trail (a.k.a. Bear Mountain Flats) at 5.5 kilometres it is the perfect hike for those with some hiking experience. The landscape along the trail is diverse, you will see many different types of trees and likely some birds and mammals. Along the way you will see some clay masks; these were installed by a local artist to increase the ‘mystical’ feeling along the trail.

The Miami Bridges Hike is perfect for anyone wanting a simple stroll; it is only 0.5 kilometres and is rated easy. Although it is easy, do not be fooled it is still beautiful and will show you Harrison in a unique perspective. This trail has many bridges and sets of stairs making it inaccessible for wheelchairs.

As with all hikes, make sure to check trail conditions before you go and be adequately prepared, you are in nature after all. You are likely to encounter wildlife along many of these hikes so please make sure to not approach wildlife and leave no trace, especially since some of the species you may encounter are endangered.