The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

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It truly is the most wonderful time of the year, and if you have taken a peak outside lately, you will know Christmas is just around the corner. The sleigh bells are ringing, the lights are strung up, and the mistletoe is hung. 

As you may or may not know, locals of Harrison Hot Springs are quite big fans of the Sasquatch (to say the least). Staying true to their hearts, this years  “Lights on the Lake” theme is… you guessed it, Sasquatch.

It’s a beautiful occasion where the tinkle of the lights reflecting on the water brightens up the nights sky. You can go for a romantic or soothing stroll along the lake and just bask in awe of these beautiful lights on display. We even have the perfect excuse for you to come see the lights with our Lights on the Lake special

Grinch Alert! The Harrison Beach Hotel’s lobby is Whoville-themed this year. Bring the kiddies along and try and spot and name as many characters as you possibly can!

The ‘Christmas Tree Trail’ starts at the Harrison Visitor Information Centre. You can take a meander through the Sasquatch Museum, and finish off with a walk through the Village of Harrison Hot Springs. Who knows, you might just find a last minute Christmas gift for that special someone. There will be local venders selling all sorts of wares, and there’ll be a plethora of food and drink to chose from. Just keep this spot in mind for Christmas gift inspiration because you can not get these goods anywhere else!

Have you ever heard of the animated children’s movie “The Polar Express”? There is something coming to town this year, that is like the real life polar express, but better. Imagine the piercing sound of the whistle announcing that this fine piece of machinery has arrived. The train screeches as the brake shoes clamp down on the wheels. A column of steam bellows out of the smokestack, and as it comes to a stop at the station. The doors open, revealing an out pour of some of your favourite musicians. Yes that’s right, some Canadian legends are going to be touring the country on the CP Holiday Train performing at each stop and only asking for 2 simple things in return, that you enjoy yourself and make a donation to the food bank. They are aiming for healthy donations so people can get more nutritious meals this winter. Come check out Sam Roberts Band, Kelly Prescott and Tracey Brown at the Agassiz Agricultural Hall on December 17th at 6:00 pm.  Giving is the true meaning of Christmas and these musicians are certainly giving up a lot of their time and energy in exchange for some donations. 

In the lane, snow is glistening, what a beautiful sight, you will be happy at night walking in a Harrison’s Winter Wonderland.

Come enjoy a winter wonderland with spectacular mountain and lake views at the Harrison Beach Hotel. Book your stay today!