The Best Biking Trails near Harrison Hot Springs

May 25, 2021

Sculpted by glaciers and rivers over thousands of years, the Fraser Valley is home to some of the most diverse mountain biking trails and cycling routes in British Columbia. Here you will enjoy hundreds of kilometers of world-class trails, stunning alpine riding, and a passionate mountain-biking community, so whether you’re an enthusiastic recreational ride or a seasoned professional, we’ve got you covered.


East Sector Trail

The eastern portion of Harrison Hot Springs is referred to by the locals as the East Sector Lands or Bear Mountain. This incredible area offers 315 acres of diverse landscape consisting of wetlands as well a coniferous and deciduous forests. The park is an ecologically diverse area that is home to a wide variety of birds, mammals, insects and plants.

Best Biking Trails near Harrison Hot Springs

Country Roads Bike Tour

Slow down and explore the calm country road on a self-guided cycle tour that takes you from Harrison Hot Springs to the farmlands of Agassiz. Enjoy stunning views of the beautiful countryside as you pass futile farmland, fields of corns, orchards of hazelnuts, cows, goats and sheep. If you wish to stop along the way you can purchase and savour delectable farm-fresh products, connect with the origins of your food and experience the countryside in all of its glory.

Best Biking Trails near Harrison Hot Springs

Sasquatch Provincial Park

Located north of Harrison Hot Springs, Sasquatch Provincial Park is offers a number of pocket lakes, scenic mountain ridges, and a unique birch forest. Here you can bike along the miles of logging roads for a lengthy ride through the park.


Best Biking Trails Near Harrison Hot Springs

Syéxw Chó:leqw Adventure Park

The Syéxw Chó:leqw Adventure Park was designed and built by the Indigenous Youth Mountain Bike Program and First Journey Trails and is located near Ruby Creek, halfway between Agassiz and Hope. This park gives riders the opportunity to access trails that may have otherwise been unachievable. Designed with families in mind, there’s a beginner-level pump track, a mountain bike skills area, and a mixed-use network of trails.

Best Biking Trails near Harrison Hot Springs


Mountain biking has inherent risks that can cause personal injury. It is always recommended that safety be the rider’s primary concern. The remote nature of mountain biking in BC dictates the need to take precautions to ensure a safe experience for all. Always tell others where you are going, wear proper safety gear, carry tools and a first aid kit, and avoid riding alone. Contact us to learn more.